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Canada’s 1st Aboriginal Female to turn PRO – Electronica DJ, Music Producer & Record Label Owner.


Biography – Crystal DJ Kwe Favel (Cree & Métis Nation) is an Awarding-Winning Multidisciplinary Aboriginal Sound Artist who has won two consecutive First Peoples’ Cultural Council Aboriginal Arts Development Awards for her motivational digital audio storytelling. She also won “Best Audio Work” at IMAGINENATIVE Film & Media Arts Festival 2015. Her evocative music composition and sound design inspired innovative audio works of art in order to preserve oral traditions and ancient languages. After 17 years in the music industry she has refined her skills, and has become the 1st Aboriginal Female to turn professional Music Producer – Vinyl DJ – Independent Record Label Owner in Canada. Her production style can be described as “remixing with respect” – acknowledging and validating the enriched cultural teachings of our community. Her mission – to contribute to the solidarity of her Peoples by carbon dating her music through sound ecology, audio anthropology & vinyl sovereignty.


Latest Audio Work:

1. – Radio Remixes Voices of Binga

2. – Radio Remixes Voices of Binga on Youtube



3. Top 3  Published Digital Storytelling:

1. Reach For The Stars – Author, Digital Narration, Music and Sound Design –

  1. Speaks From The Heart – Author, Digital Narration, Music and Sound Design –
  2. The First Ehattesaht Language Revitalization Album –

4. Portfolio:

    Website/Blog – this is an in depth look into Urban Indian Productions
    DJ Mixes Podcast – DJ Kwe Mixes Podcast  (this link will guide you to 80 minute inspirational DJ music
    CBC Radio tracks – this showcases my original music production
    Digital Press Kit – audio samples
    Performance Video – This video will give you a glimpse into my 17 year DJ career
    Mixcloud – Current library of DJ Kwe mixes
    Sound Cloud – Original music and spoken word portfolio
    ITunes – Free DJ Mixes
    Issuu – Published Writing


5. Social Networking:

    Crystal Favel Facebook
    Urban Indian Productions Professional Business Profile – LinkedIn
    Twitter @CrystalDJKwe



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