Tribal Drum to Symbolize Our Roots Through Rhythm

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Crystal Favel aka DJ Kwe (DJ Woman) is Canada’s First Aboriginal Female PRO DJ & Music Producer. Proud Co-creator of “Voices of Binga” Aboriginal Electronic Drum Music. Award-winning Aboriginal Audio Storyteller & Sound Artist of the Cree/Metis Nation.
* Track Description:
Opening Flute – Aboriginal call out to women.
Strings – The dramatic and majestic strength we share as women.
Glory recording wishing everyone well from Canada, Zimbabwe, around the word between our global audio sisters. Who is the name of the delightful voice at the beginning?
Star flute – HOORAY Women!

Tribal drum to symbolize our roots through rhythm.
In coming the modern world with an electronic break beat, we must learn to balance both worlds to adapt and become successful.
In come the group singers, finding their way among the modern world through word and song. Singing their Thank You song to spread joy and love among our Aboriginal communities.
Independent flute represents our independence as women.
Canada’s “Robin” the song bird – I am singing with them through the spirit of the song bird. WE ARE SONG BIRDS through our spirit. Robin keeps beat and tone with the singers, we are one through the song of the birds. I recorded this Robin in Paradise Valley, Squamish BC, Canada on a sound walk, this bird is Native to Canada.
Bringing all elements together shows we all adjust, adapt and overcome through the beauty of song and rhythm.
The end drum sequence was created so show the impact of our power regardless of gender, the drums still sound the same when it comes from the heart.
credits from A Radio​-​Bridge across the Zambezi, released April 29, 2018 license
all rights reserved
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PRODUCTION: radio continental drift
COVER ART: Trunkstore arts Terence Humphrey