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Electronic Drum Newsletter – July 10, 2017 – Crystal DJ Kwe Favel

Event: FUSE 2167 – http://vancouversun.com/entertainment/local-arts/seven-things-to-do-this-week-june-30-to-july-6-canada-day-at-granville-island-shawnee-fuse-and-more

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Step into a time warp on the eve of Canada’s 150th anniversary with this art-infused night and ponder the present moment from 150 years into the future.” Vancouver Art Gallery

Time lapse video by Carey Dodge – Music by DJ Kwe

It was FUSE 2167, June 30, 2017 at the Vancouver Art Gallery – Robson Square – Downtown Vancouver, BC, Canada.  Where I mixed a 4-hour music composition and sound design concert on 4 turntables, to bring thousands of people together under the Father Sky and Grandmother Moon. I give full credit to the Curators Sherry J. Yoon & Jay Dodge for setting the standards high; it was a karmic challenge I couldn’t resist. My insatiable appetite to produce music and stories was growling and I immediately started recording my spoken word. I was speaking the words of my Ancestors and that is how it all began. Let Mother Earth and the Great Spirit do the talking and I will do the walking…softly.

The night was started with evocative sound art called “The Ravenous Storm.” Introducing conflict between Mother Earth and the Concrete Jungle. This theatrical opening erupted from the start and the twelve-minute audio soundscape that shook the very ground I was standing on. With epic thunder claps and howling wolves, the Earth opened her crest and we smudged the city through sound and vibration. Welcome to Cedar Wolf Woman Turntablism.

The next scene of music included a Veterans’ Song honouring all the lives we lost because they fought for our freedom on Turtle Island, Canada. Immediately after honouring our Elders through traditional singing, I triggered an honour prayer (that I wrote and recorded) four times; “We acknowledge the Coast Salish Territory and living and working cultures of the Aboriginal Peoples of BC, Canada also known as my home, Turtle Island.”

The first hour was graced with traditional prayers, stories and teachings interlaced with synth harmonies and bird chirps echoing. It was important to orally acknowledge the land I was performing on to honour the Coast Salish Territory and that my prayer would reach thousands of people who needed to know this fact. By triggering this prayer 4 times I also acknowledged our 4 directions inviting our Ancestors to join us.

This was my way of smudging the city with sound in order to appease our Ancestors and cleanse our palpable hearts from broken dreams. This entire scene was specially created for this event because we ceremoniously invested our hearts and souls. Nothing was going to stop this event from happening because I knew deep down, this was fate and fact, destined to deliver the message of hope and inspiration.

The second hour was themed “The Uprising.” Symphonic electronica with hand drum rhythms representing a new Canada, one that believes in Mother Earth laws of the land. We are not separated by race, we are running the same race, to save the Earth from human consumption. Soulful spoken word and teachings, “truth & reconciliation, hope & inspiration, love and happiness” repeatedly triggered through ebbs and flow. Electronic Drum Music was heard by thousands of people but the messages of our Peoples was heard by the world.

The third hour was called “The Revival” because there is always hope. Showcasing tribal drum beats and Indigenous voices starring the Radio Remixes Voices of Binga. Not only are we breaking barriers through music composition and sound design; but we are also the spiritual turntablists who get the message out to the right people.

Listen to one of the most popular tracks for the event “Breaking Barriers!”

A sound to bring everyone together through roots, rhythm and rapture. An experience to be heard but rarely seen. As part of an all-female production team, I could honestly feel the presence of every womans’ voice I was projecting loudly in the middle of downtown Vancouver, BC Canada. This music has been years in the making and it represents peace, love, unity and respect. Turtle Island was honoured that night. My dream to do an entire 4 hour DJ set spinning my own original production and remixes was the hardest and most rewarding event of my life. And it was all done sober.

The last hour was all about the “Celebration” because we have come so far. It was time to kick into high gear to speculate our futurism through Electronic Drum Music. When we FUSE art and healing, we give life and purpose to the healing arts. More feeling in my healing has given birth to Cedar Wolf Woman Turntablism. Leaving a positive legacy for my Favel lineage and honouring my Ancestors the way it was meant to be.

Buy most of the tracks that were played that night.


Radio Remixes Voices of Binga – Breaking Barriers, Represent Them, Love Me Love You, Sunrise, and more…



Still Beating On My Drum



Let The Music Play



and more to come.