Water For The Spirits Feat. J. Mwiinde and L. Muyalali – DJ Kwe

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  1. DJ Kwe – Water For The Spirits Feat. J. Mwiinde and L. Muyalali – 90 bpm

(Electronic Drum Music – 4:04)

Dear Janet Mwindii and Luyando Muyalali – Letter of Appreciation

Thank you for sharing such an integral story of the history of your People. As women, we are Water Keepers and I have grown up respecting the power of water. Then I heard this story and I immediately wanted to give you the water that you speak about. I am there with you both in spirit, as we suffer from a lack on drinkable water on 50% of our lands. We have been displaced from our waters, however we still protect the oceans from afar. No matter what, we hold water in high regard in our Creation Stories, Ceremonies and Healing Arts. It was my hope to unite with you both through the stories of our Ancestors. I did my best to honour your stories and tonal expressions, to create a chant-like rhythm that would be pleasing to our Ancestors ears. I wanted to build music that showcased your teachings and I hope I did you both equally proud. It is with great honour, to remix your voices into one united voice of oral stories. Thank you for your kindness Janet and Luyando!

Your friend in music, DJ Kwe (Meaning DJ Native Woman – Pronounced DJ Kway)


Music Sample Description:

 There is water and frogs because the Ancestors are crying, because of so many lives lost. 

 Janet explains why the Water is for the Spirits as Luyando is communicating.

 Janet is very clear in her description and speaks the truth.

 I made this track to be like a chant, with our traditional drums, as we relate to importance as Water Keepers. 

 Women are Keepers of the water, save the water, save the Keepers!

 Water, is a source of rebirth in our belief, water IS everything.

 Many of our indigenous members don’t have access to clean water in Canada.

Many Aboriginal families have to boil their water, but society does not.