5 Questions with Rags #37 – DJ Kwe

Read the most exciting interview from Rags Blake aka Rags Music” with Crystal DJ Kwe Favel! In preparation, for the biggest event I have ever planned for, Rifflandia; I was elated to share my inner most thoughts, things people would never know about me. Get your hot fresh opinions right here…lol Please share! Thank you Rags Music!


Rags Music

The interview that I shared with everyone makes me feel loved and needed. Artists want to feel their work is received with purpose and passion. Everything I do, comes from my heart or I won’t do it. There is going to be a point where I wont be physically able to perform. And when that time comes, I will have this resurrecting interview to reflect on a career that freed my heart and soul. I know what my Native community thinks of me, but now the world is hearing the whispers of my name through the stories. Regardless of the weight I carry, my music will set me free. Rifflandia, will be the stage that I give it my all. No holding back, nothing but raw courage…to conquer. Love Kwe

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