Sunrise Radio Feat. L. Mudimba


  1. Sunrise Radio Feat. L. Mudimba
    (Electronic Drum Music – 4:28)

Dear Linda Mudimba – Letter of Appreciation

I remember my first radio show it was the most exciting times of my DJ career. I wish for you to achieve the radio show you propose so much that I created this track to keep your dreams alive. As we look into the East we greet the sunrise with a ceremony and teachings. We pray upon the Sun and ask him to shine down on us. It is my hope that your radio show will rise like the sunrise and continue on beyond the sunset. Thank you for sharing your brave dreams because your voice resonates hope and inspiration. Your friend in music, DJ Kwe (Meaning DJ Native Woman – Pronounced DJ Kway)


Music Sample Description:

 From newsletter to radio

 From night to sunrise

 From paper to radio

 From Sharing to Sunrise

 “First to the rising of the sun’

 Collecting stories to share with the community.

 Linda’s wish is coming true, like the sunrise, her ideas will become action because she is already doing it. 

 My wish was to manifest “Sunrise Radio” for Linda because the more we say it, the more it will come true.

 Careful audio cuts to create the title “Sunrise Radio.”

 The flute – indigenous support from the north.

 Ambient with epic rises and lows.

 Rolling gear fx sound – the travel of 2 hours just to cross to see their family – “look for mountain” – benefit both – SOULadarity!

 A community who shares together, grows together, revitalizes cultures together.