They Sing And Dance Feat. A. Muleya – DJ Kwe


  1. They Sing And Dance Feat. A. Muleya
    178 bpm (Drum n Bass – 5:44)

Dear Abigal Muleya – Letter of Appreciation

I feel like I know you already, we have been friends since the second track was created…lol. This was my opportunity to take your hand, like I would my own sister, and ask you to sing and dance. You have given me plenty of information about the traditional practices of Zubo Women. But when I heard you say “Sing & Dance” it was time to be little girls and be friends, without a care in the modern world. We can escape harsh criticism, colonialism and male-dominated industries. We can show them how women can unite around the world, without even meeting face to face. Thank you for allowing me to use your voice to empower the indigenous women in Canada and Zimbabwe. Your words are that meaningful…yours in music, DJ Kwe (Meaning DJ Native Woman – Pronounced DJ Kway)


Music Sample Definitions:

 They will sing and dance – Abigal

 Under the stars so bright – Crystal

 Together we sing and dance – we share the same rhythm through our experiences.

 We are united in this track – dancing under the Baobab tree.

 Singing – oooo – Calling out to my sistah Abigal to join me to dance.

 The saxophone gives us something to hold on to.

 Just a really soulful, touching, happy track to dance too.

 The flute – We share the same love and journey – Indigenous always in heart.