Represent Them Feat. L. Mudimba – DJ Kwe


  1. Represent Them Feat. L. Mudimba
    (Soulful House – 4:20)

Dear Linda Mudimba – Letter of Appreciation

I wish for your dreams to come true, so I made this music to help you manifest your destiny as a Tonga Writer & Speaker. Thank you for sharing your words and allowing me to use them to illustrate the importance of Indigenous representing Indigenous. Our Aboriginal languages were banned in the 1960’s; we are now working hard to resurge our language into our everyday lives in order to revitalize our oral traditions. It’s important you continue your work and I dedicate this song to you and your dreams. Your friend in music, DJ Kwe (Meaning DJ Native Woman – Pronounced DJ Kway)


 Music Sample Description:

 Linda starts off by expressing her passion to write as a Tonga woman.

 Woman’s hand drum – Build her journey throughout the song.

 Build the synth as Linda builds her skills in order to represent the Tonga People.

 Flute – We share the same path as Aboriginal People, learn colonial ways to help our community. Then change the rules to benefit our people.

 Keeping language authentic to Indigenous people.

 “I know that you love me” – is what I call “Diva Universe” – Linda feels confident to represent her people because she knows her community loves and supports her. 

 I put her wish at the end, and released her wish into the universe to come true.