The Baobab Tree Feat. Mr. Kelias and Mrs. Zilas – DJ Kwe


  1. The Baobab Tree Feat. Mr. Kelias and Mrs. Zilas
    (Electronic Drum Music – 4:44)

 Dear Mr. Kelias & Mrs. Zilas – Letter of Appreciation

Thank you for sharing such an evocative story about The Baobob Tree. You captured my imagination as we have such large trees by the west coast here in Canada. The survival of trees are directly related to our teachings, stories and cultural subsistence.

We have giant cedar trees that are connected to our Aboriginal culture. In fact my spirit name is Cedar Wolf Woman. I live in a place where the Cedar trees grow tall into the sky. There are amazing large Cedar Trees like The Baobob Tree you describe. I wanted to bring our teachings together and illustrate the importance of trees to our culture as people who are indigenous to this land. When the world clear-cut our trees, it feels like another negative impact from colonialism in Canada today. We are known for our compassion for our Mother Earth. We protect our trees like they are family members because they hold the stories of our Ancestors, similar to yours.

We have terrible forest fires over here, because of human error. When our trees die, so do our people. I wanted to emphasize how important it was to care for trees and I did that through your eloquent narration and story. Your voice, so calm, brings us back to generations of a community that has lived with, under and around The Boabob Tree, and “with the African culture…it’s linked to our Ancestors.”

Thank you Mrs. Zilas for your expressive conversation and emphasis to learn about this life-giving tree. Your spirit was a positive addition and it wouldn’t be the same without you.

Your friend in music, DJ Kwe (Meaning DJ Native Woman – Pronounced DJ Kway)


Music Sample Description:

Shaker – Call out to the Tree Spirits.

 Mr Kelias explaining the importance of the Baobob Tree in the community. 

 Starts out with a humble Native drum to compliment the teachings we are about to receive from Mr. Kelias. 

 Creaking FX – Two tree’s joining together.

 ooooo vox – tree talking.

 Start bringing in different elements to represent the adaptation to the modern world. 

 The breakdown – gives examples of how tree’s become neglected and sometime destroyed – which impacts the People.

 The current Chief always makes sure the Baobob Tree is the focus of his meetings. 

 Mixed in the “Under The Baobob Tree” Sample to transport the listener to the tree that we have been talking about.

 “With our African cultures – it’s linked to the Ancestors” Continuous Sample to emphasize how important tree’s are to our lineage. 

 End Shaker – Call out to the Tree Spirits.