The Aboriginal Economy of Aboriginal Electronica

Aboriginal electronica contracts youth to express themselves in constructive ways that will also help them in the future. They are not employee’s, they are music artists who see no boundaries when it comes to their creative leadership. Many youth are facing really tough growing pains with issues stemming from suicide attempts, life-threatening abuse, colonialism, racism and the list continues. All of these factors I have experienced myself, but I truly believe that music will bring us all together.


This picture shows Leon Erikson aka DJ Lou-D receiving his first royalty payment from my record label Wax Warriors Record Label. He is 17 and is gifted in electronic arts that includes DJing, music production and team collaborations.  That first payment means the world to youth living in remote communities. If more youth had access to laptops and music software this genre would be flooded with up and coming Aboriginal Producers.

What does all this have to do with the Aboriginal Economy? It’s contributing to the solidarity of the community, paying actual dollars for his/her innovation, and it validates my mission as Wax Warriors Record Label incorporated as a social enterprise. This is a shining moment for Aboriginal Electronica because not 15 years ago it wasn’t even considered a genre when I was DJing. This is a proud moment in my career and I hope Leon/Stanley keep reaching for the stars.

May the young ones learn from our mistakes without suffering from them…Love DJ Kwe

Stay tuned for another youth album coming your way this fall!