Tonga Song Remix Feat. M. Munsaka and S. Ndlovo – DJ Kwe


  1. Tonga Song Remix Feat. M. Munsaka and Sihle Ndlovo
    (Break Beat – 2:56)

Dear Mary Munsaka & Sihle Ndlovo – Letter of Appreciation

Thank you so much for allowing me to share your positivity with the world. Mary, your singing inspired me to add a ancestral instrument we use in Canada which is a flute. I have always used a flute in my music to surround those with Indigenous support. Your singing was very engaging, it made me want to clap and breakdance, which I’m sure many dancers will do once they hear the fun in your voices. Your interaction with Sihle, allowed me to capture a cute and funny moment of laughter between friends. I hope I honoured the message in your music and hope to laugh with you one day.

Dear Sihle, thank you for allowing me to use your voice it was a blessed moment. I will never forget you both. Bon Appetit!

Your friend in music, DJ Kwe (Meaning DJ Native Woman – Pronounced DJ Kway)


 Music Sample Description:

 Mary starts off with original song – sung with such positivity

 The Didgeridoo was used to call out to all indigenous people to unite.

 Bring in the breaks genre for breakdancing with all races, a dance we all know.

 Flute – the symbol of your allies, indigenous people around the world, Canada.

 Rave Synth – Peace Love Unity Respect – Honour the ethos of original rave culture

 Share Mary & Sihlo’s laughter and smiles with the world because they are something money can’t buy.