Tonga Anthem Remix Feat. Damba Students Welcome – DJ Kwe


  1. Tonga Anthem Remix Feat. Damba Students Welcome

Dear Damba Students & Tonga Community – Letter of Appreciation

Your voices were angelic and your enthusiasm inspired me to mix two completely different Tonga songs, into one single remix filled with celebration and hope. The result, an uplifting house music track that started off with the robust croaks from the midnight frogs in Squamish BC, Canada and moved to the Damba Students Welcome at school, recorded in Zimbabwe, Africa. Also, it was important to mix the Tonga Anthem into the song to marry the harmonies together, unite these sounds, as you are united in your school. I like to combine my culture as an Aboriginal Woman, into all the music I make because it contributes to the solidarity of my lineage and community, whom I love very much. I hope you love listening to this track as much as I loved producing it. Thank you for allowing me to feature your bright smiles and pleasing voices. Believe in Yourself!

Your friend in music, DJ Kwe (Meaning DJ Native Woman – Pronounced DJ Kway).

Music Samples Description:

 Flutes – Indigenous to Native Canada/Turtle Island – Voices of our People – Sharing the Love.

Frogs – symbol of transformation – recorded here on Native land. Frogs are Elders. Frogs live the balance between two worlds that often collide.

 Damba Primary School Students – Welcome/Greeting Song – Special Tonga Anthem.

 Indigenous Girl Trill – Call for audio warriors to unite.

 Tribal Drums – A common journey we share beyond the physical land.

 House Beats – Electronica – a connection, a platform, a foundation to greet the world.

 Synths – Inspire the world, together! Represents strength and power of positivity through nations across Mother Earth.