Breaking Barriers Feat. A. Muleya and C.Wegener – DJ Kwe


  1. Breaking Barriers Feat. A. Muleya and C.Wegener

Dear Abigal Muleya – Letter of Appreciation

As an Aboriginal Woman, I know we have shared the same cultural experiences through empowering traditional Womens’ work. I am the first Aboriginal Female DJ & Music Producer to turn Professional in Canada. I am aware you have many firsts under your professional belt too, and that was inspirational. You, sister, are amazing. I sincerely appreciate your words, your work path, your spirit, even the expressive tone of your voice. Please accept this “Breaking Barriers” track as symbol of our undying hope to make things right again, where women are treasured, not buried, in this modern world. Thank you for sharing your stories for this tribal radio remix. I hope I honoured you in a big way.

Your friend in music, DJ Kwe (Meaning DJ Native Woman – Pronounced DJ Kway)

Music Samples Description:

Womens’ working song ready to be looped so it plays continuously while we work.

This song has interwoven samples carefully sequenced to build the understanding of ‘togetherness, unity and even peace.”

 Repetition is key to basket weaving and is a key event to bring women together to build baskets for fishing. Zubo – baskets used for fishing – 

Shaker represents the Grandmothers who have sacrificed for our freedom. They would use shakers to smudge/purify people of negative spirits.

Frame Drum with Human Grunt – equals the sweat equity required from the Women Workers to overcome adversity and shine.

Static synth with sound scope beeping – Pressure from the modern world.

Flutes – The Voices of Indigenous Nations surrounding Zubo Nation with support shown through the sound of owl hoots using flutes. We never give up our location, but will also send an animal call to advise our allies that we are near.

Hold – Claudia – The glue – The bond – The Long Walker…

Togetherness – Low Flute – Owl hoot

Unity – Mid Flute – Dance in unison, work in unison, encourage each other through unison,

As a team they grow and grow and grow until we join our hands together across the world. 

1st Uplifter:  represents the time when the ladies have reached their team rhythm and continue working in togetherness, unity and even peace.

Even Peace – High pitched Flute – A tough task to take on.

They have the skill – inherent talents have been oppressed, now we sweat to feed our People.

You needed to be a team – strength in numbers – no other way to get upstream.

Team spirit is still there – Uprising through unity – underpromise = overdeliver

Featuring Abbigal Muleya – Breaking Barriers – The meaning behind breaking barriers for the women of Zimbabwe – A massive achievement for woman around the world too – we are related through slavery and success.

2nd Uplifter – to celebrate the accomplishments of the first group of Zubo Nation Women overcoming adversity.

So that spirit is still there – It’s in the blood and the water.

Claudia – “hold on to the spirit” – encourages women through audio empowerment.

“As a team grows” I repeat this phrase longer and throughout the track 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 times = how generations of Zubo Women benefit from the sacrifices of previous generations. To grow stronger by doing the hard work, setting examples of inner beauty and outer brute strength, just for the opportunity that men have.