Radio Remixes Voices of Binga Album Release

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We are pleased to announce a unique fusion of Indigenous Voices from Zimbabwe and Canada. Crystal DJ Kwe Favel of Wax Warriors Record Label has partnered with Claudia Wegener of Radio Continental Drift to release “Radio Remixes Voices of Binga.”  After almost a year of audio correspondence across continents, the Aboriginal electronica digital album is now available for purchase at most online digital music stores.

A new genre, Electronic Drum Music will make you travel far in roots, rhythm & rapture to a history of a future where continents and cultures join again. The Album’s audio storytelling revitalizes indigenous knowledge and language for starving nations of listeners. Timeless, and wise beyond its years – the teachings you’ll receive through Indigenous Voices will heal the tribal spirit in you. You don’t want to miss the new soulful way of blending cultures through radio remixes.

The all female production team celebrates in their resonant arts the creative contribution of Women to society with an Album staring Tonga women in the Vocals.

Claudia Wegener, a migrant listener with a bag, shares her recordings online under cc license. She gratefully acknowledges her hosts in Binga during the recordings in 2012, and especially Basilwizi Trust. The BaTonga are descendants of those who were forcefully removed from their ancestry land at the Zambezi in 1958 making way for Kariba Lake. But they managed to retain much of their rich cultural heritage, now a driving force of resilience and development.

The albums’ profits will be shared 50/50 between the BaTonga Women and Cree/Metis Women in order to raise much-needed funds through creative social enterprise. In radio independence, they wish to contribute to the solidarity of indigenous communities. The Album unites us in a peaceful Uprising of Music in order to revitalize our cultures, preserve Oral Traditions, Ancient Languages and Indigenous Teachings. Aboriginal Electronica is on the rise!


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