All Vinyl DJ Kwe Set at Royal BC Museum


Remixing With Respect…

All you have to do is mention vinyl and you’ll get my attention. But give me 4 hrs to play soulful house music and Aboriginal electronica and we’re in business! I travelled to Victoria BC to DJ for the “Wild Romance – Night Shift” Event held by the Royal BC Museum in partnership with Atomique Productions. Here are the exclusive pictures of my journey to pay respect to my Ancestors, play vinyl all night, and make friends with Purdy’s chocolate reps at the party.

My intention was to introduce the new music I have been producing to an audience, especially out loud to my Ancestors whom where there in spirit. It’s important to keep our music ageless, timeless, and enriched with teachings because they are always watching us. It’s extremely rare for any music producer to go out and DJ their own music, but I have finally achieved that nirvana and with extremely positive feedback too.

“Electronic drum music” has been formally introduced to my Ancestors, audience and tested for the dance floor. My style of production includes “remixing with respect” acknowledging and validating the enriched cultural teachings of our community and contribute to the solidarity of our Peoples, by revitalizing languages, preserving oral teachings and carbon-dating our music through vinyl sovereignty.

Did I mention that Atomique Productions is the bomb, a highly organized professional promotional company that I highly recommend! They handled my tech issues like pro’s because the show must go on, with or without, smile and shine!

Special shout out to all the sponsors, especially Purdy’s who put a box of chocolate together special for me, these ladies really know how to treat a lady dj…lol.

Thank you to the RBCMuseum, Jenn & helpful staff who worked like bee’s to make this event happen. Thank you to MaryAnne, Security at Museum who is Coast Salish – I thanked her for having me on her territory and she gave me the biggest hug! We just instantly bonded because I paid respect to her right away. It’s easy to recognize the Aunties in the longhouse…lol.

A call to action: To save our ancient languages through our healing arts and oral traditions.

Hiy Hiy – All My Relations – Crystal DJ Kwe Favel – Cedar Wolf Woman