In Spirit of Her – Soli Tii & Crystal DJ Kwe Favel Sound Art Collaboration

Soli Tari – I am posting this special edition track to WWP because this track has the wonderful voice of my audio sista Crystal DjKwe Favel along with my vocals brought together to celebrate the growth of WWP. Please have a listen because this is really what the World Women Project is about.

This is a special collaboration track with the voice of Crystal djkwe Favel together with me as we reflect on our relationships with our mothers and celebrate the development of the World Women Project

First part of track with words from Crystal:

“In spirit of Her, the voice of reassuring Darlings.

This project grows and flows with the power of Her love.

As Women, we draw from that bloodline, to create musical memories.

In spirit of Her, the voice of our Mothers.

When we were born, the drum beat like no other because our story will become our rhythm.

As Women, we are now drumming, liberated in the memory of Her.

In the spirit of Her, the voice of our Sisters.

Life-giving laughter, soulful survival, all my relations, can be found in the water.

As Women, We are gathered here by the stream and to extend her destiny through intergenerational harmonies by remixing with respect.

All my relations, hiy hiy”
(Say spirit name in Oji-Cree, Prairie Sage Buffalo Woman to honour her mom in the spirit world; a custom of respect in our Native Community. Speaking directly to the Spirit )

Second part of track with words by Ms. Soli Tii

”In spirit of her
I have so memories of us sitting together in the back garden.
The spring and summer days

Watching mum watering her plants
and talking and laughing

Gardening was one of her many pleasures

Listening to the radio was another favourite pastime for her

She enjoyed listening to discussions on different topics

And she also loved music; many styles of music

It was mum who introduced me to music at a very young age

Through her record collection

Because music brought happiness

In memory of Her

My Mother”

Music produced by Ms. Soli Tii


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