Free Music Download “Red Dress Ceremony” in Remembrance of #MMIW

Red Dress Ceremony

Red Dress Ceremony


Release Date: December 1, 2015


John Aiken – Coast Salish, Artist/Activist

Amber “Groovy Grandma” Harvey – Writer

Crystal “DJ Kwe” Favel – Audio Storyteller

Annette Witteman – Photo Credit


On Mayne Island, Sunday Nov 22, 2015, a Red Dress Ceremony was held in remembrance of the Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women. Red dresses were raised to symbolize the spirits who have not been honoured. They are in limbo, unable to pass on to the spirit world because their cases have not been investigated.


The reason why the music is ominous is to illustrate sonically the grave nature of this poem written by Amber Harvey who attended the ceremony. John Aiken hosted the ceremony and pulled together an unforgettable experience that I had to share through music and spoken word.


These souls are tortured and need us to call them home. These spirits will not rest until they are released through acknowledgement and validation. All we can do is keep petitioning for investigations into the Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women where the truth shall set them free. “Call the Spirits to Come Home” and when they were called, they were happy that we remembered them in the best way we could, through ceremony and song.


As a collective, we release this soundtrack as continued effort to make things right, as we shine light on a dark situation through music composition and sound design. This is strong medicine with a dose of reality. Please download this FREE sound art in remembrance of our missing & murdered matriarch. We encourage you to share and make the spirits happy too!


Audio Storyteller Notes:


  1. Wehaya – Ancestors lead the search for the Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women.


  1. Demons – They surround us as we honour the victims through ceremony.


  1. Heartbeat drone – The heartbeat of our Nation.


  1. Whisper Waheya – We call our sisters to come home.


  1. Whisper to the spirits:   Spirits all around, In the smoke, in the smoke, on the wind, in the sky”


  1. Shakers – Grandmothers are searching for their daughters among evil.


7.  Whisper Waheya – We call our sisters to come home.


  1. Drum – The community starts to search and gain momentum.


  1. Ghostly moan – Tortured Souls


  1. Door Knocking – Souls attempting to come home but are locked away because their murders have not been investigated.


  1. “Call The Spirits to Come Home.” – Spirits are happy their families call out to them.


  1. Whisper Waheya – We call our sisters to come home.


  1. Elongated Flute – The Elders call the spirits to come home.


  1. Soulful Flute – The love we send out to the Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women.


  1. “Red Dress Ceremony Poem by Amber Harvey” – Lyrics



Small fire

Sage, cedar, sweet grass, tobacco

Small smoke


Cold wind on legs and faces

Tall trees

Sky cloudy


Smell of smoke so sweet

Red dresses wait




Woman’s voice

Spirits cry out to come home


Spirits all around

In the smoke, in the smoke, on the wind, in the sky


Come home, the elders call


The trees call

Call the spirits to come home


Only respect here

Only love here

Come home