Engaging Radio Interview with Cree Radio CBC

Boozhoo, I’m honoured to share this heartwarming radio interview I had with Cree Media CBC about winning the “Best Audio Work Award at ImagineNATIVE Film & Media Arts Festival 2015. This karmic opportunity was my chance to speak about reaching for the stars and leave a message of positivity for our youth. Digital Audio Storytelling is not a future trend, it is the now. Audio storytelling continues to preserve our oral traditions and revitalize ancient languages through ‪#‎nativeinstruments‬ and ‪#‎nativetraditions‬.

The entire interview is in Cree Language with english translations, which means that my Ancestors got to hear the results of our hard work. Chi Meegwetch to Christopher Herodier Snowboy for the engaging radio interview, All my Relations, Reach for the Stars! (Please Share)


*The ending track was “We Are From Ehatis – Going To Ceremonies Theme (CFavel, Josephine George and Fidelia Haiyupis) From The First Ehattesaht Lauguage Revitalization Album

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