Crystal DJ Kwe Favel Wins Best Audio Work at ImagineNATIVE Film & Media Arts Festival 2015

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Chi Meegwetch ImagineNATIVE team, jury and sponsors & First Peoples’ Cultural Council!

Supported by the First Peoples' Cultural Council

Supported by the First Peoples’ Cultural Council

“REACH FOR THE STARS” – To introduce digital audio storytelling as another method to preserve our oral tradition.”

This is not a traditional story, it’s a modern story told by a traditional person who feels the need to address “state of emergency” alerts
due to the high suicide rates in our community.

This experimental digital narration is about finding the courage to conquer, even if you don’t want to live anymore. If you can’t live for yourself, then live for others, because you’ll never know who will save your life in the end.

This haunting beautiful story will tug at your heartstrings, scare you with an ear full of bullets and test your audio sensibilities to the max. Dedicated to those whom are sitting on the edge…of their seat.

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DJ Audio Storyteller #djkwe

DJ Audio Storyteller #djkwe

Crystal DJ Kwe Favel
“Cedar Wolf Woman”
DJ Audio Storyteller

Recent Awards & Accomplishments

2015 – ImagineNATIVE Media Arts WINNER
Best Audio Work “Reach for the Stars”

2015 & 2014 Aboriginal Arts Development Award
– First Peoples’ Cultural Council – Digital Audio Storytelling

2015 Aboriginal Electronic Music Festival – EMUSE – Workshop & Performance
Digital Audio Storytelling

2015 Ehattesaht First Nation Language Revitalization Album
– Digital Audio Storytelling

2014 ImagineNATIVE Media Arts Finalist – Radio Category
Digital Audio Storytelling

#nativeinstruments #traktor #technics

#nativeinstruments #traktor #technics

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