Aboriginal Electronic Music Festival Workshop – Digital Storytelling Group Photos

Aboriginal Electronic Music Festival – Digital Audio Storytelling Workshop & Performance Review:

What do you get when you bring our community together through storytelling? SOULadarity, in its’ purest form.

During the workshop, I invited people to come up and watch my turntable improv, rare chance to see my tricks up my sleeve. I made sure to turn it up LOUD for the second story, enough that I could feel the speaker vibrate my desk with pure sub-bass power.

There was no holding back, especially when it came to the details of my personal upbringing. That is not something I can share over FB because it was ceremonial, and that is between me and my fellow achievers through healing arts, out of pure respect.

This workshop opened me up to receiving one of the greatest gifts we could give to each other and that is unconditional support and validation. My life’s work was received the way I meant it to be, with hope, inspiration and in the traditional way.

Chi Meegwetch to our Ancestors for bringing us together, creating traditional treasures using contemporary measures. Thank you again to all the sponsors, organizers and All Female Aboriginal Crew who drove the workshops from beginning to end.

It was my honour and privilege to share our oral traditions through Aboriginal Digital Audio Storytelling feat. Electronic Drum Music. I can’t stop smiling, I am so blessed. All my relations, Chi Meegwetch, Thank you for listing…Love Kwe

(We acknowledge the Traditional Territory of the Coast Salish People
and the living cultures of the Coast Salish and West Coast
First Nations of BC on Turtle Island.)

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