First Ehattesaht Language Revitalization Album – Press Release


 Ehattesaht and Crystal DJ Kwe Favel…

…proudly present this language learning tool that blends the ancient and the experimental…

…on behalf of the Generations before us who maintained our indigenous languages against attempted genocide, and on behalf of those yet to come, we offer this indigenous language learning tool.


This “First Ehattesaht Language Revitalization Album” was inspired by the tenacity of our elders who work with our willing youth and children. It is their vision and goal to share ancient knowledge with everyone in a way that ‘speaks’ to them.

Crystal DJ Kwe Favel – an Award Winning Digital Audio Storyteller was approached to assist in this quest. Crystal was challenged to weave our original language with an urban music composition and digital sound design. The final product incorporates the art of repetition, which is creating a timeless and ageless learning tool.

This style of teaching is incredibly catchy when enticing younger generations to learn from engaging auditory storytelling trends. This digital method of delivering languages through motivational messages mirrors the protocol associated with storytelling by honoring oral traditions within a hand-held device dependent generation of 2015.

Not only will this style of audio storytelling span over generations and encourage the freedom of oral traditional practices, but it also addresses the challenge of “How do we combine the latest tech trends with learning traditional languages, within a limited budget, and advance our inherent rights to intellectual freedom?”

When you buy the entire album for $3.99 you also receive a continuous mix with your download, free! This continuous mix will allow the listener to focus on the words and not have to press repeat for each track. In the end we are proud to introduce the new “Ehattesaht Music Group” on Soundcloud, that now preserves their teachings through tribal audio works of modern sound art. It also captures precious spontaneous moments between family members that only laughter may convey. Priceless!

All the money raised will go directly to the creation of more Language Revitalization Albums focusing on traditional themes with electronica flare.
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Ehattesaht First Nation

Ehattesaht First Nation

Backgrounder on Ehattesaht

Ehattesaht is one of the 14 Nuu-Chah-Nulth Nations from the West Coast of Vancouver Island, and is located in the Zeballos Inlet. We are a comparatively small tribe (despite our 66,000 hectares of traditional territory) with huge culture and history. Our main village is accessible by helicopter, float-plane, boat or by logging road which connects to the Island Highway #19 north of Woss, BC.

Ehattesaht is spelled ʔiiḥatisatḥ in our chosen writing system, and it means People of where the Big things come down the river, or big things come out. We are expecting big things from these collaborations and we expect that your interests in this music will make a big difference in changing the ‘critically endangered’ status of our language to a returned health. Together we will.

We proudly present this language learning tool that blends the ancient and the experimental… or Ehattesaht Music Group on Soundcloud.