Truth & Reconciliation

The ‪#‎truthandreconciliation‬ healing has already begun in my family. The intergenerational impact of Residential Schools has ripped our family ties in half. We all have been in shelters, beaten, abused and we didn’t even attend the school in my generation.To break the cycle, I am a sober survivor and work on healing arts to mend my memories and the viciousness passed down to each other. These healing arts help me get through the tough times and makes me feel like I’m special, which in turn, makes a negative into a positive. This is how I stop the cycle of horrific shame passed down in my family. I go out of my way to teach positivity as a way, not to forget, but to forgive in order to move on in memory of our dying Native blood lineage. I’m okay to say, I forgive but will never forget the sacrifice my ancestors made. Thanks for supporting me as I defy the odds and shine. Will you shine on with me?