Let The Music Play – Intertribal Reprise – Producer Notes

I made this song with traditional elements so that we could hear the powwow intertribal beat with modern synths that symbolize our Ancestors dancing. When I was a youth we used to do a whole bunch of circle dances, but they don’t really do that here on the west coast. It was my thought, to create an urban round dance beat that would invite anyone to move their feet. This multi-genre fusion is what I heard in my head when I used to go to powwows back east. Now it’s finally come to fruition 17 years later and I’m proud to share this rare opportunity with you!  Chi Meegwetch all my relations.

Intertribal Reprise Remix Notes

1. Earth Tilting Rumble: Demonstrates the power of Turtle Island.

2. Round Dance Drumming Pattern

3. Round Dance Shaker Pattern

4. Dine Singer represents the “Traditional.”

5. Ancestor singing: Reminds us of where we came from.

6. Shaker: Nishnawbe women smudge the grounds for the Ancestors.

7. Rap: Harmony in modern times.

8.  Sweeping Motion: The Ancestors are dancing.

9. Breakdown: The battle between traditional dance and electronic dance, white vs. red, urban vs. round dance.

10. The Drop: The ultimate synergy between Urban & Round Dance.

11. “…The rhythm, the rhythm”: When all, becomes one, through the rhythm.

12. All drums playing harmoniously. As a result, the ultimate karmic fusion between electronica and traditional dance. Everyone is doing the Urban Round Dance! We can be urban artists with traditional values.

13. “Dance” with effects: the bridge between divides.

14. “Urban Round Dance” with effects: The fusion between old and new, red and white and the acceptance of the Urban Round Dance. A dance – that has brought us together.

15. Synth Stabs: The weight of the world coming off, chip by chip, synth stab by synth

stab, energy is released.

16. Ending: Turntable rollouts effect: We dance at the hands of the turntable, together!

17. Intertribal: A rhythm for everyone who respects the Round Dance.