Let The Music Play (DJ Kwe OjiCreestyle Extended Remix) – Electronic Drum Music

It’s a difficult road when fusing multiple genre’s. You almost have to sell your passion behind your new sounding music. It is always my dream to launch a record label that would foster my musical fusions. I want to listen to music that our Ancestors would be proud of, yet, I want to push the boundaries that mainstream creates when trying to pinpoint a genre to list my music under. As a special treat to my devoted fans, I am posting my producer notes I create when my music composition and sound design compliments the 4/4 electronica sequencing. I hope you enjoy your copy today!


(DJ Kwe OjiCreestyle REMIX) – Producer notes
Wabs Whitebird – Let The Music Play

(130 bpm- Aug 14, 2014 – Squamish BC)

1. Named OjiCree to represent a partnership never broken.

2. Beginning: Static represents the modern world, a buzz that never stops.

3. The breakbeats: A funky remix of intertribal, breakdancing and electronica beats; encourage our Ancestors to dance to the urban drums.

4. Ancestor singing: Reminds us of where we came from.

5. Shaker: Nishnawbe women smudge the grounds for the Ancestors.

6. Ambient sweeping noise: The spirits of our Ancestors dancing.

7. Ambient intrusive echoing sounds: The weight of the world on our shoulders.

8. Panomatic synth: The dual between modern and Aboriginal. Back and forth – push and pull – left and right – looking for balance. Dancing dualities between the world vs. our traditions, challenging our inherent need to dance.

9. Breakdown: The battle between traditional dance and electronic dance, white vs. red, urban vs. round dance.

10. The Drop: The ultimate synergy between Urban & Round Dance.

11. “…The rhythm, the rhythm”: When all, becomes one, through the rhythm.

12.  The breakbeats: All drums playing harmoniously. As a result, the ultimate karmic fusion between electronica and traditional dance. Everyone is doing the Urban Round Dance! We can be urban artists with traditional values.

13. “Dance” with effects: the bridge between divides.

14.  “Urban Round Dance” with effects: The fusion between old and new, red and white and the acceptance of the Urban Round Dance. A dance – that has brought us together.

15. Synth Stabs: The weight of the world coming off, chip by chip, synth stab by synth stab, energy is released.

16. Ending: Turntable rollouts effect: We dance at the hands of the turntable, together!