Press Release – Digital Storytelling Featuring Electronic Drum Music

Thank you for buying my CD!

Thank you for buying my CD!

August 11, 2014

Crystal Favel aka DJ Kwe has released a new album titled “Life After Death.” Favel has an electronic portfolio that includes 17 years experience performing as an award-winning Disc Jockey, Music Producer & Digital Storyteller. Her latest CD release “Life After Death” promises to be her greatest work yet, as she has wrote, recorded, produced and mastered the entire album. Buy the cd from iTunes, Amazon & CD Baby today. (

After Favel’s father died last year, she learned that she was the youngest Favel and the last Favel in her lineage to leave a legacy of healing and inspiration in her family. She knows that as the last Favel in her family, her lineage dies with her but she can leave motivational music and stories that can live on forever. The songs and stories Crystal produces are meant to help her move on from a troubled past and make up for the sacrifice her ancestors made to keep the “Favel” name alive. Her digital storytelling has introduced another method to preserve our traditional stories and oral tradition.

Song Titles in “Life After Death” include Reverence Introduction (Spoken Word), Ancestors Lament (Music Composition & Sound Design), Angry Ancestors Crew (Music Composition & Sound Design), Ancestors Revival (Music Composition) & Sound Design), Speaks from the Heart (Storytelling), Forbidden Freedom (Spoken Word), Gitawaa Home Away from Home (Electronic Drum Music), Deep Animism (Electronic Drum Music), Ancestors Revival (Radio Edit) (Electronic Drum Music), Rare Interview with Cree Elder (Storytelling) and Wahayakwe (Electronic Drum Music).

“Life After Death” also showcases Favel’s “Digital Storytelling Featuring Electronic Drum Music” as she is looking to connect with other music composition and sound design projects that require an authentic Indigenous music producer. In turn, Crystal still continues to mentor Aboriginal youth who interested in the Electronica industry as up & coming DJ’s & Music Producers.

Crystal Favel has 20 years of technology experience, 15 years leadership experience, several awards, certificates and milestones that validate her mission and positive attitude. She has won a CDN DJ Invitational, FPCC Arts Development Award, Lee Award and Provincial Soccer Champion Awards that clearly showcases her ambition to achieve. DJ Kwe also hosts the Aboriginal DJ’s, Electronic Artists, Radio Producers & Spoken Word Weaver on Facebook with almost 300 members in 6 months and growing which unites DJ’s and music producers together from all around the world that believe music can heal and inspire others. (

“One of the top 5 Aboriginal Electronic Artists to watch for…” CBC Radio

For more information Please Contact:

Crystal Favel

Cree & Métis Nation
Squamish, BC, Canada.

(778) 985-8155