Forbidden Freedom Spoken Word

Forbidden Freedom Spoken Word

Forbidden Freedom Spoken Word

Have you ever experienced hardships in your life and it changed the way you look at things forever?

Even though you survive those tough times, the memories may haunt you as you move on.

So how “free” can we be if we are constantly reminded about our tough times?  We are as free, from our grief, as we allow ourselves to be.

We are alive and responsible for every footstep we take.  We compete for money, love and success, but do we ever race to the finish line for peace, hope and inspiration?

I am free and use my writing and music to keep the flow of my freedom, alive, safe and all encompassing.

As I write and produce music I can’t stop this wave of creativity as it’s bursting into spoken word and tribal truths.

Not only did I record my spoken word, but I also produced some music to compliment the struggle, the challenge and the triumph.  The Native singer in the background is Sheshone and appropriated from a royalty free sound bank.  It gives this prose the community support that it deserves.

To all the youth who are living in my past, I dedicate this triumph to you!

To all the Grandmothers who have helped young warriors, I dedicate this accomplishment to you!  H2H

Thank you for your continued support!