FREE DJ Kwe Mix “Forbidden Freedom” Electronic Drum Music

Welcome to your Forbidden Freedom!

Welcome to your Forbidden Freedom!







The vision behind Forbidden Freedom

Are you really free after you have survived a traumatic event?  Will you ever be the same?  How do you trust the world after it has let you down?  The spoken word introduction is about all the positive changes I have been making lately.   But when there is change there is darkness and transgressions that need to come out.  Hopefully your friends and family are there to support your changes and acknowledge the events in your life that you are dealing with.  It’s important to have a circle of close people who will always cheer you on, even during your lowest times.  But not everyone is lucky to have a support system so if you find yourself alone, pick up your headphones and listen to this mix.  It’s the bee’s knees.

Track listing – Forbidden Freedom DJ Kwe in the Mix

1 DJ Kwe – Forbidden Freedom Spoken Word and Music Composition
2 Gaelle – Haiti
3 Bum Bum – Light
4 Nitin Sawhney – Sunset (Prophesy Album Version)
5 Nick Sole – Never (Space Dub)
6 Edmund & Sacha Dflame – Big Time (Soul Minority Deep Mix)
7 Sebastian Davidson – Gaze (Soul Minority Deep Remix)
8 Larse – So Long (Original Mix)
9 Audiowhores –  Sometimes (Original Mix)
10 Kruse & Nuernberg – Mesmerized (Original Mix)
11 Loaded Dice – Warm
12 Bas Amro Feat. Gina – Everywhere (Original Mix)
13 Rainer Weichhold – Ride The Horse (Aki Bergen Remix)
14 Anil Chawla & Dale Anderson – Table 5
15 Hollis P. Monroe – I’m lonely (Marc Pompeo’s Smooth Mix)
16 Surrealism – So Much (Original Mix)
17 Andry Nalin – Keep On (Kruse & Nuernberg Remix)
18 DJ Dan, DJ Mes – In Your Area (2012 Edit)
19 The Timewriter – Here Comes The Sun (Stryke’s Sunshine State Of Mind Remix)
20 Sandy Rivera feat Haze – Changes


Forbidden Freedom by DJ Kwe

Forbidden Freedom by DJ Kwe

Behind the music…

The first track “Forbidden Freedom” is spoken word of brutal truth and is my way of expressing the old, the new and what makes me blue.  It also represents my emergence as a new person and adopting a different way of coping.  My word coding intertwines pain and sunshine.  All the music composition was done to illustrate how I juggle my struggle.  The drums and flute symbolize the movement I have been making in clearing out the poison in my life and letting go of a dream that became tainted despite my honest attempt to do my best.

Track2 – “Haiti” was carefully placed to acknowledge the survival of those who experience trauma and vow to live beyond the sadness.

Track3 – “light” is from the Naked Music Series that has graced my record bag since I started collecting the entire label.  The harmonic string loop tempts your heart to open and cleanse the soul.  It symbolizes all the positive things happening and all that is right with the world.

Track4 – “Sunset” literally symbolizes all that is beautiful in the sky.  It reminds me of a breathtaking sunset that really puts everything into perspective.  Its’ worldly sound brings international cultures together under one roof.  A deep-rooted classic that never gets old.

Track5 – “Never” represents the fall of the innocent as you hear my spoken word overlaid on the instrumental sections of the track.  This is the divide among a united world.  The darkness overcomes the positivity you have felt in the previous tracks.  It represents the isolation I felt when I was in the middle of a crisis and quite possibly the end of my life.

Track6 – “Big Time” immediately chimes in and literally represents the attempt to leave the darkness behind in hopes that I may choose to live past my medical conditions.  This track is about lifting yourself up from the mud.  This emulates the actual departure from the depression that often plagues the vulnerable soul.  Grab the hand that is there to pick you up from the trap of madness. I’m looking up to the sky for wisdom, comfort and the hope that everything is going to be okay.  Using the 4/4 beats to start a new rhythm of healing and beat-matching.

Track7 – “Gaze” is all about how house music can save you from any negative sentiment.  In fact any kind of music can lift your spirits when you are down.  It’s all about finding yourself in the simplest of musical notes.  What kind of music appeals to my spirit and makes me a such a bad a*s DJ in the mix?  It’s anything that touches my heart and carries a message of hope and inspiration with some deep down bass sequenced with a cosmic kick to continue the journey.

Track8 – “So Long” is about the realization that some friends were foe, some family was futile and some of the world pissed in my cornflakes.  However, I’m not the only one who has felt the sting of conditional relationships.  This movement is about how lost I was but now I am one multitalented DJ who has found a connection with electronic music that is fulfilling.  Connected to the soulful sounds and repeat the message “so long I needed love right near me” as many times as it takes to get me back on my feet.  Break away from the chains and rearrange my life.  Now what do I leave behind and what do I take with me along this new-found identity?

Track9 – “Sometimes” is the awakening.  It’s what you would expect from a preacher of electronic music times.  It is abSOULutely an anthem needed for retired ravers like me who were in it for the PLUR.  It’s the type of track that symbolizes a house music baptism.  I have been reborn, grooving to the preacher and willing to risk it all and change.  I will become someone who won’t settle for the negativity in the world, despite the pressure around me.  “Sometimes I get a good feeling that I have never felt before” is exactly the spark I need to remove the poison and soak up that sun-kissed love from my circle of appreciation.

Track10 – “Mesmerized” symbolizes all the new-found choices I have in my life after recovering from life threatening instances.  I am taking it slow, but am mesmerized at how much love there really is out there.  Are you open to it?  Was I really open to love if I never had unconditional love as a child?  The music gives me a hug and sends me on a path of deep tech abSOULution.  Can I forgive myself for the mistakes I have made?

Track11 – “Warm” is really about the embrace I received from my devoted friends, family and fans as I go through such a liberating change.  The music just gets more uplifting and circles you with the warmth I feel from the world again.

Track12 – “Everywhere” makes me feel like I can do anything if I look for opportunities everywhere.  Look for love everywhere, look for friends everywhere, look for peace everywhere, and look for any chance to share the respect I have for electronic music soulfully anywhere and everywhere.  This track sounds awkward and offbeat at times, almost human qualities in a sequenced song.  It certainly is hauntingly beautiful in a deep tech sort of way.

Track13 – “Ride the Horse” is simply an expression of getting back up on the horse after a terrible fall.  It’s about finding the courage to groove, dance, and live life in a harmonious way.  What a great track to gallop towards new accomplishments waiting for me just over that mountain.  I’m so close I can hear it.

Track14 – “Table 5” is the peak track.  It lifts me into the atmosphere, above the clouds, higher than my hopes and dreams.  It’s the new me, strong, teRIFFic and filled with new blood.  I have a new way of dancing, walking, and talking yet my dreams have never changed.  If I am going to inject positive change into the world then change must begin with me.  I use my life experiences to bring people together who want to be free from the chains of perception.  I am living my life peacefully, choosing my battles carefully, and leaving the past behind wholeheartedly.  To those of you who I have left behind, thank you for making me a better person.   Take this track as a symbol of my strength, resilience and promise that I will rise and reach the stars.  Moving on has commenced!

Track15 – “I’m Lonely” slides gracefully into play right at the break when the accapella soulfully states “I am lonely”.  This carefully chosen track was a direct message to all those who are lonely, you can find peace within yourself, you can live by yourself, you can be independent and rely on someone, you will find true love as long you love yourself, you will have great friends who will care about you, you will have family that will never turn your back on you, you will find amazing abilities in yourself, you will never be alone.

 Track16 – “So Much” has this amazing message vocally and really is about having so much potential in life.  Can you tap into your inner greatness?  Can you DJ in front of thousands of people sober and kill it?  Heck YAH!  Just listen to the boomtastic vibes of this mix and you’ll get my drift.

Track17 – “Keep On” Injects itself and is the start of a new pace.  This track also has a piano that is a nod to all the jazzy elements in this transitional peakness of a deep tech track.  The drop has a killer bass and kick that will kick your butt into high gear and make you want to bob your head like a pigeon on music crack.  Obviously positive change can exhaust any hearty person so remember to “keep on” moving on and reach for the stars.

Track18 – track “In Your Area” is the most basstastic track on the mix.  Obviously it’s the one record that would have me dance in the DJ booth as I’m known to do when I slam down pure rockin’ house music.  The vocals tease me into feeling proud to be a sexy woman.  After all that I have been through, don’t I deserve to rock a stage or two?  Do you blame me for wanting to be the best at anything I do?  Do you blame me for reaching my hands in the air and achieving what the impossible?  Enjoy this journey, the ride will never end!  Positive change can make you feel this goooood!

Track19 – “Here Comes The Sun” will take you to a land of peace and enlightenment.  It’s my gift to you, a track that will bring out the good in you, the love in you, the groove in you.  Close your eyes and allow the positivity to fill your heart and penetrate your soul.  It’s the ride I’m on and I love it.  It’s pure love from me to you.  The uplifting synths will guide you, support you, and take you to a new world.  All is right when music like this is allowed to be played freakin’ loud.  Everyone needs an injection of positivity and this is just one of my gifts I share with you.  I love me, I love you, and I love everyone who can live with “Forbidden Freedom”.  As the vocal says “It’s alright!”

Track20 is a well-known house music classic “Changes”.  My purpose in life is to create positive change.  But the only way I can is to walk into the darkness not knowing what I will encounter.  Finding the courage to forgive has been long overdue and I’m ready to let go.  Keep moving on no matter what.  I deliberately overlaid the previous track “It’s alright” on top of the verse of this track “Changes”.  Not only did I want to find a harmony to marry these two tracks but I also wanted to juggle the words to express the saying “It’s alright to be going through some changes.”  By interlacing both tracks I felt it was the best way to let you know that it’s okay to change, no matter how hard it really is. When you are nearing the end, the feeling of completeness will wipe your past clean and allow you to focus on achieving greatness.  You are invincible when you get to this part of the mix.  This is medicine for your electronic drum music soul.

My spoken word is my way of letting go and hopefully someone out there will be able to find solace in my words and experiences.  I’m not afraid to speak the truth, secrets will no longer kill me.  Speaking from the heart and DJing the best music out there will release the beast.  I have poured my heart out to you, is your heart ready to open up to the world?  Welcome to your “Forbidden Freedom.”