Your Voice is Your Calling Card

Spoken Word Performance

Spoken Word Performance


Whether you’re an Artist, Public Figure or even a Parent, your words are sacred and your message will leave a legacy for generations to learn from.

Too many rants and raves plague our internet with racist and negative messages that influence our way of living.

When you talk to your child do you realize that they will remember your words like they remember their own name?

As a Producer we have the responsibility to own our words like we own our identity.








Leadership Panel Speaking

Leadership Panel Speaking

Now that the internet is here to stay your words will be immortalized and will more than likely outlast your lifetime.

Will you be able to look back and read your words with pride?

Even though our oral tradition is alive and well for now, it is slowly becoming a lost art due to our Elders passing on.

We can honour our traditions and oral tradition by spreading written messages of hope and inspiration.

We may not be gifted with stories from our ancestors as not everyone is destined to carry on the oral tradition.

But we can create positive change and remain connected to our ancestors through dreams, music and performance.





Motivational Speaking to Aboriginal Youth

Motivational Speaking to Aboriginal Youth

There are those of us who are gifted with a soothing voice that can calm any storm.

Why not share our thoughts through digital recordings and immortalize positive messages?

As a person who does her best to reach out to the world I would like to share with you a spoken word piece called “My Womandate.”

I have grown up always hearing the word “Mandate” but what does that mean to in this day and age?

The definition by diction is “an authoritative order or command: a royal mandate.”

Therefore I thought it would be appropriate to share “My Womandate” with the world in hopes to share my heart and soul from an Aboriginal Female perspective.






Digital Storytelling Narration

Digital Storytelling Narration

I originally made this recording during a tumultuous time in my life.

I was scared, hurt, yet optimistic that someone out in the world would understand my pledge to fight the good fight.

The best weapon I could unleash was my caring yet poignant message to those who could relate in some way.

As we mature with the world and utilize technology, there is always a way to encapsulate our teachings and stories through spoken word and digital storytelling.




Resilience Red Survives the World of Black and White

Resilience Red Survives the World of Black and White

We are as good as our last word.

We make promises to express our commitment to action and must honour them.

Your voice is your calling card, what positive messages do you have to share with the world?

Download (FREE) “My Womandate” and listen to a positively glowing message that was derived from a broken heart but a renewed spirit for life.

Or listen directly on SoundCloud