Electronic Drum Music



Welcome to more Electronic Drum music of 2012!

Track:  Gitawwa – Home Away From Home
Length: 4:00 minutes
Artist:  Gitawaa aka Andrea Bell
Producer:  DJ Kwe
Genre: Aboriginal / Electronic
Album:  Coming out soon!

Link: http://soundcloud.com/crystal-favel/new-gitawaa-homeawayfromhome

Behind The Scenes:

The beginning of the “Home Away From Home” track starts off with Gitawaa aka Andrea Bell singing accapella from the soul.  She is searching for a way to travel back to her Native land which is translated through the sound design of an Eagle, bird, hand drum, flute and various ocean nuances.

Although she resides across the country, she is looking to reconnect with her Haida nation back home to the Pacific Coast of Haida Gwaii.  The song she sings is a melody from the heart as it resonates to others who are also displaced from their home.

Believe it or not her traditional singing was recorded on an IPhone 4 and sent to me via email.  This low resolution file became the focus of a high fidelity project and was given the gift of life through various music sequencing programs like FL Studio and Sony Sound Forge.  The music composition was a long distance collaboration that was only 3 days in the making..

At the 1:05 minute mark the traditional singing that was Gitawaa’s vocal call out to her home land; transitioned into a modern sequenced journey of beat vs. voice, beat vs. voice, beat vs. voice, representing the commitment it will take to get back home to her people.

The bass line symbolizes the physical thrust and movement that is required to leave all that she knows behind and head back to BC to live out the rest of her years, not knowing what is waiting for her when she returns.

During this break beat symposium the looped beats open the door to traditional and contemporary movements.   At the 1:50 minute mark the break down in the track slowly brings her voice in from quiet to loud to symbolize her journey from far to near, from the past to the future, she is travelling and enduring the roughness of the road.

At 2:28 the break down drops into a mash-up of harsh modernity with Gitawaa’s beautiful traditions.  As a result, a hauntingly melodic break beat collage has been born, rattling an array of dark organic spinning gear sounds that push Gitawaa along the road, dealing with the modern world through a traditional set of eyes.

The pulsating synth barrage resembles her constant highs and lows of obstacles to overcome.  The synth is almost too loud for the tender ear, meaning, it is almost too hard to bare for Gitawwa during her travels.

The ending of the track conveys the end of the road for Gitawaa, but what is in store for her new life?  Is she ready to nest?  Is this her final move to follow her heart?  Will she ever sing again?  As her family stands by her side, any challenges she has overcome, will be left in the past.  Her future is bright and beautiful!

Enjoy the fusion of Electronic Drum Music as we create traditional treasures using contemporary measures.  The balance is between us all.