The Birth of a Digital Storyteller

Beyond My Limits

Beyond My Limits

As I embrace my birthday I am realizing a dream.

A hope that once existed in this childs heart.

There is a new dawn of achievement and compassion.

Share my stories through the tough times in order to overcome the odds and shine.

In return, I must love myself more than I love the little girl inside of me.

Release me from a cage, a primitive approach to the outside world, enslaved by the suffering.

This day is the reckoning of my past.

This day is the liberation of my voice.

This day is the resilient resolve of that tearful waterfall inside my heart.

Congratulations on surviving yet another year of challenges Crystal!

Injured Foot

Injured Foot

Yes it’s true I haven’t walked a day without pain in my foot for almost two years now.

I am challenging the medical field to fix my complex injury in the next year.

But for now, I am achieving on crutches, cane, walking cast and new shoes.

I’ll do whatever it takes to achieve my dreams.

Congratulations on learning to walk on one moccasin Crystal!








The Birth of a Digital Storyteller

The Birth of a Digital Storyteller

What is the next step for Crystal Favel?

Well since I have entered the world of music composition and sound design I have fallen deeply in passionate love with telling stories using sound.

And what better way to interlace my writing skills with a musical vengeance as we experience  storytelling on a completely new multimedia plateau.

Picture a movie with only a soundtrack.  Your imagination races, your ears are piqued and your eyes are closed.

As you sit there wondering what is going to happen next an Elder appears, masked in cedar tree rings of wisdom.  It’s Cedar Woman!
Congratulations on trailblazing once again Crystal!





Vestax VCI-400 - Digital Storytelling Tool

Vestax VCI-400 – Digital Storytelling Tool

When I bring my stories to life they are controlled through various digital mediums.

But the mother of all DJ/Producer control boards is the Vestax VCI-400.

This new piece of equipment was the first one to arrive in BC and it just so happens to have landed in front of me.

Welcome to the beauty of technology and the only controller board that would allow me to Dj music over pre-recorded narrated stories.

Hence, the “Digital Storyteller” is born.

Congratulations on embracing new technologies to reach the world Crystal!






The Courage to Heal

The Courage to Heal

Everyone knows that I have been writing my whole life and nothing will ever stop me from speaking from the heart.

This year I will start publishing my stories and then integrate my music production/DJ skills into a “Digital Storytelling” event.

“Crystal Favel is currently authoring her second book that promises to share her world through epic trials of courage surrounded by beautiful teachings that morph into powerful animalistic stories.”

There is just something inside of me that is pushing me along the red road to achieve this level of healing and creativity.

Congratulations on having the courage to share your life stories Crystal!





Another Year, Another Fear to Overcome

Another Year, Another Fear to Overcome

Thank you for sharing my birthday with me, encouraging me to reach for the stars, and giving me a push in the right direction.

There are going to be huge positive changes this year, are you ready?  I know I am.

In gratitude to all my relations…

How can I inspire you to inspire the rest of the world?









Crystal The Brave

Crystal The Brave

Chi Meegwetch to my soul tribe!